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Our story

In an incredibly quick, messed-up world, we make skincare simple, accessible, and environmentally sustainable. By deploying an everyday healthy minimal skincare regime and products that take a skin-first approach, the brand is dedicated to changing the way we treat our skin. Does a night out, a busy Monday, or a no-mood Sunday halt your skincare rituals? Our simple, easy, and too-good-to-be-true skincare regime helps you break free from such halts. Good skincare should feel like a warm hug and not a hard hit on the head, and we, at DODO ensure that.

Our mission

DoDo is a gender-neutral skincare brand that’s environmentally conscious and socially responsible. We are making skincare easy, approachable, accessible and environmentally friendly. We have created skincare that’s for all irrespective of skin problem, gender, socio-economic status and skin color.  DoDo’s formulations only focus on skin health. We create safer and healthier skincare products that work as a convenient alternative to existing skincare products.